Tuesday, May 21, 2013

best worst night

yesterday was wild. i knew we were in for some bad weather but didn't realize how severe until the Moore tornado. and that was the system that would affect us. i was in the middle of making dinner, brussel sprouts were in the oven, when the sky turned a sickly green color and the wind picked up. watching the news we saw the shelf cloud just to the west of isaiah's school. then the sirens went off. a big clap of thunder sounded and the lights went out. isaiah ran to me for comfort. it's kinda cute really. i mean, when he's scared, he doesn't run to dad who's bigger and stronger, he comes to me. when reality shows that a big gust of wind would just take me right along with him. but we ran down our stairs and hid underneath them in between our building and the frame shop beside us. i've never seen wind and rain and hail like we had last night. and i realize that if it had been a major tornado, we would not have survived hiding in a stairwell between two 100 year old brick buildings. i saw a video on facebook from a guy driving along the highway about a mile from my house. it showed a funnel cloud forming and trying to drop. it never touched down so we were blessed. still, crazy to think about. our electricity was out for about 4 hours, trees were downed all over town and we were expected to have more bad weather over night. about 1am isaiah came in bed with us. he was still a little scared. three of us, smooshed together in a queen sized bed. but the storms never came, and my family and my house are safe. after what happened in Moore, Oklahoma, i am thankful for the best worst night's sleep.
please pray for the people in that community.

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