Tuesday, November 26, 2013

justin timberlake, i love you

last week, i along with three of my gal pals hopped in the car and drove to memphis, tennessee to experience justin timberlake in 20/20. we left on sunday afternoon as the concert was on monday night and we wanted to have a full day to soak in all the JTness we could. beale street was blocked off and there were drink specials all over town. kinda a girls trip dream. so of course we indulged in midday martinis, which if you ask me is the height of luxuries for a monday. 
then came show time. and game time. as it turned out, my favorite team in all of the world was playing MNF at the precise moment JT was set to hit the stage. now, i was torn between my excitement to see justin in full on suit and tie and the need to cheer on my patriots. i drained my phone battery down to 1% game tracking the whole time. i'm crazy. and the they lost, so that was sad. 
HOWEVER. that concert was so amazingly rad it quickly turned my frown upside down and i got to dance and sing along to every single song. even from the straight up nosebleed i could feel justin bringing the sexy back. and it was so good.
now every time i hear one of his songs, i'm all 'yeah i know justin.' because i saw him from the top of the rafters in fedex forum i have a greater connection to him than anyone else. my attendance at that concert does make me a bigger fan than any of you. just saying.
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Thursday, November 14, 2013


i can't call my shoes sneakers because i actually wear these while running. like the day before this i did 8 miles in them and then later this same day i took them on a 4 mile jog around town. these shoes aren't just for fashions' sake, i put them to work. except that they are basically the worst ever. seriously, i can't unrecommend these enough. i love the pink and green color scheme and how trendy i look while wearing them, but at what cost? knee and foot pain, that's the cost.
but minor injury aside, i do like how they went with my diy cropped man jeans. and the fact that since i am my own boss i can get away with wearing whatever the heck i want to work on a blistery cold day. comfort is key on those days, lest i will absolutely refuse to go outside and face the unkind winter.
but i have loved dressing in menswear inspired ways this month. i've discovered that jeans from the boys section are super great. the pockets are bigger and there's plenty of crotch and leg room. even the denim is softer. it's almost like wearing sweats but acceptable for outdoor use. these, unlike my stupid shoes, i highly recommend you try.
thrifted american eagle boy jeans
f21 jacket
vintage sweater and purse
june necklace by clyde's rebirth
stamped necklace by gage huntley
stupid mizuno wave riders that I WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN. MARK MY WORDS.
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Monday, November 11, 2013

boy meets girl

overalls. they conjure up so many memories, right? childhood days of playing in the park on a chilly fall day, high school grunge phase with one strap hanging jauntily down because you're way too cool to properly wear clothes, and that one time you almost peed yourself because you decided to fasten both shoulder straps and proceeded to drink a ton of dr. pepper (which goes straight to your bladder) and we all know that fine motor skills are surprisingly lacking when in dire straits. and even though they can sometimes ride up in discreet places, overalls are super awesome. take these for example. black corduroy, pockets in the front, slight bell at the bottom, high waist, open back. it's kinda the perfect boy meets girl one piece suit. 
november is menswear and mustaches month at amandromeda. i'm calling it 'wovember' because i'm a girl and can't grow facial hair. instead i'm selling stuff with fake 'staches on them and wearing dude inspired clothes like overalls and plaid blazers. it's really fun.
well, it's fun as long as i monitor my liquids intake.
vintage overalls, blazer, clutch, and choker
thrifted shoes
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Friday, November 8, 2013

old lady leopard

i think the most valuable thing i've learned from blogging over these several years is a greater sense of my own personal style. what works for me in my small town and not just what's on the runway or sidewalks of new york or paris. i've cultivated a certain aesthetic that makes me feel confident and even pretty. and most days, i walk out my house knowing that i'm rocking the bleep outta my outfit. but some days i can only manage to throw a rad old lady leopard coat over some holey clothes. and full disclosure, this was way awesomer while still just a reflection in the mirror. there was great potential, just maybe poor execution that only the steely eye of the camera can make you notice. still, i think this coat is the biz and if that's the best i can put forward on a cold november day, then it's alright by me.
and i'm celebrating menswear and mustaches in my store this month and my outfit does nothing to show for it. but i think my sweater may have been a dude's. not totally sure though. #wovember
vintage coat
thrifted and diy distressed sweater and jeans
h by hudson boots
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Monday, October 21, 2013

plaid: the musical

plaidtober is still going strong at amandromeda. watch me run and jump around goofily in cool merch from my shop. all set to music.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

lessons in layering and life

as plaidtober grows older and the temperatures trend colder, sometimes you have no choice but to grab a cozy sweater. but of course not just any sweater: a plaid sweater. one with a slight nod to Cliff Huxtable just for kicks and giggles. and while the morning air is sufficiently chilly enough for such thick outerwear, the afternoon sunshine warmed me up just enough to shed the sweater and drape it jauntily about my shoulders. that there is the beauty of layering. it's not always just for fashions' sake. if i had not worn my most favorite super long white blouse underneath, i would have been most inappropriate walking about town topless. so let this be a lesson: always wear two shirts. it makes you look like a styling genius, plus you'll never be in an awkward wardrobe snafu, namely being naked.
vintage sweater courtesy of eleanor of ballyhoo and bedbugs
thrifted everything else
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Friday, October 11, 2013


ah, it's friday. which means absolutely nothing to me as i work every single saturday, but still there is a special magic that comes with the word 'friday.' 
however, this is what i wore yesterday. a day that was just warm enough that i didn't know wether or not i wanted to bare my arms so i sufficed to jack up the sleeves of my plaid blazer and call it good. these october afternoons have been an utter delight. we've been enjoying the kind of temps that don't dictate your wardrobe. just about anything goes and is comfortable. i can really get into that.
so with my favorite deep-v diy cut-off tank and plaizer (plaid blazer, ya dig?), i wore a pair of newly thrifted pink patent leather loafers and super rad coated black jeans. seriously, thank you to the crazy people who give away their gently used awesome stuff to salvation army. i deeply appreciate your ridiculous generosity and will always be there to swoop in and claim it as my own.
vintage blazer
thrifted jeans and loafers
gap tee from forever ago that i cut off the sleeves
fabulous spike necklace handmade by my awesome friend kari
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