Friday, September 20, 2013

classy lady

still rockin' the denim hardcore. i threw this on to open my shop for downtown Girls Night Out yesterday. and to get people super excited to buy their denim from me, i decided to double up on the stuff, just not in typical tuxedo fashion. these are most obviously my fave ripped up jeans right now and i paired it with this super soft faux-bleach-stained chambray shirt with excellent pearl snaps.  i kept the accessories simple and a little bit silly. a frilly silver bag, a necklace that says 'classy lady' and a watch that doesn't work but is always set to 5:00. oh, and i was also sporting some major sweat but i don't think that showed too much in the pics. it was a warm one yesterday.
and i think all this paid off because i had a pretty good night of sales. i heart my customers and the ladies (and gents) who come in to chat and buy my wares. makes a girl happy.
thrifted everything. well except the phone (AT&T store) and the pink case (Walmart bargain bin)
IMG_7800 IMG_7798 IMG_7794

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