Friday, September 6, 2013

transitional denim and white

who's ready for fall?! not me. but i am thinking about transitioning my wardrobe for the season ahead. this month, i am highlighting denim in my shop. gathering up all the jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses that i can to style and accessorize with a focus on the move from warmer to cooler weather. that is what i did with this outfit. looks vaguely similar to the one i posted before, no? it's taking the same denim bottom/white top concept but with a nod to the transitional. 
so here's what you do: throw on jeans instead of shorts and pair it with a white blazer. sure the blazer is linen and it's after labor day, but whatever because we don't care about rules. we just want to take our white blazer out for one last summer time spin, this time as a top instead of a layering item. maybe let a lacy black bra peek through because you just got it and you think it's kinda pretty. don your favorite necklaces for some color and interest and slip into some strappy sandals, but low wedges because let's face it, those stilettos don't work with your (my) janky feet. and of course, keep your first aid clutch close, because you never know when you'll need bandages, lipstick, or a nip of whiskey to help assuage the pain of summer's end.
vintage white lined blazer as a shirt
thrifted jeans distressed by moi
vintage gold choker
bib necklace via ebay
shoes from jcpenney
clutch by blue Q bags but purchased locally from a cool shop called the mustache store
IMG_7692 IMG_7700 IMG_7693 IMG_7697

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