Thursday, October 17, 2013

lessons in layering and life

as plaidtober grows older and the temperatures trend colder, sometimes you have no choice but to grab a cozy sweater. but of course not just any sweater: a plaid sweater. one with a slight nod to Cliff Huxtable just for kicks and giggles. and while the morning air is sufficiently chilly enough for such thick outerwear, the afternoon sunshine warmed me up just enough to shed the sweater and drape it jauntily about my shoulders. that there is the beauty of layering. it's not always just for fashions' sake. if i had not worn my most favorite super long white blouse underneath, i would have been most inappropriate walking about town topless. so let this be a lesson: always wear two shirts. it makes you look like a styling genius, plus you'll never be in an awkward wardrobe snafu, namely being naked.
vintage sweater courtesy of eleanor of ballyhoo and bedbugs
thrifted everything else
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