Friday, October 11, 2013


ah, it's friday. which means absolutely nothing to me as i work every single saturday, but still there is a special magic that comes with the word 'friday.' 
however, this is what i wore yesterday. a day that was just warm enough that i didn't know wether or not i wanted to bare my arms so i sufficed to jack up the sleeves of my plaid blazer and call it good. these october afternoons have been an utter delight. we've been enjoying the kind of temps that don't dictate your wardrobe. just about anything goes and is comfortable. i can really get into that.
so with my favorite deep-v diy cut-off tank and plaizer (plaid blazer, ya dig?), i wore a pair of newly thrifted pink patent leather loafers and super rad coated black jeans. seriously, thank you to the crazy people who give away their gently used awesome stuff to salvation army. i deeply appreciate your ridiculous generosity and will always be there to swoop in and claim it as my own.
vintage blazer
thrifted jeans and loafers
gap tee from forever ago that i cut off the sleeves
fabulous spike necklace handmade by my awesome friend kari
IMG_7849 IMG_7848 IMG_7862 IMG_7865 IMG_7858 IMG_7852

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