Tuesday, July 23, 2013

eureka! part 2

we cleaned ourselves up in time to walk to a delightful park by our hotel before dinner. it was pretty festive with brightly colored paper lanterns and beautiful flowers all around. a great spot to hang out.
dinner was at a place called rogue's manor just down the street from the hotel. it was perfect. kind of dark. kind of seedy. smacked of a gentleman's smoking room all leather club chairs and great grilled meats. we had steak and drank whiskey: bourbon for me, scotch for him. like i said, it was perfect.
we walked about the town a bit after dinner then settled down to some chocolate and a cigar at that same park. 
the next morning, we had a lovely breakfast brought to our room complete with a cheese danish that i stayed away from like the plague (gluten and dairy free up in here). then downstairs for an hour long massage and mud facial. ahhhhhhhh. wish i could do that every week!
it was such a special time we could spend together. and i pretty much loved the fact that on our way to the car for our drive home, i spotted the unicorn stencil on a random doorway. i am convinced that is my spirit animal :)
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