Thursday, July 25, 2013

living the high life in oklahoma

we wrapped up our awesome weekend in the best way we possibly could: with music and friends. sunday afternoon we drove to Tulsa to see alabama shakes with the moores (our celebrity name mash up is the moorcutts). and as all good times in T-town begin, so we started the evening at mcnellie's for a (gf) beer and yummy pre-concert dinner. we walked our way to the venue and made much merriment along the way. 
but the story is the legendary cain's ballroom. back in it's heyday, it played host to mostly country/western singers like bob wills and hank willliams. and in the 70s, the sex pistols made it a stop on their very short us tour. sid vicious is said to have punched a hole in the wall in one of the back rooms and they've left it intact. some day i'm gonna go find it. but cain's is super fun. standing room only, you are encouraged to dance and throw your beer cans on the floor. 
there were two opening bands, hurray for the riff raff and fly golden eagle. i kinda fell in love with FGE. they're like 70s rock psychedelic jam. SO RAD. they had TAPES! and they sold out of them!!! do yourself a good favor listen to psyche's dagger. brilliant stuff there.
but alabama shakes killed it. that brittany can SING. totally brought down the house. we were all packed in there so tight just to get close enough to her awesomeness. you could feel her passion for her music and see that she was having the time of her life just getting to share that with the world. spectacular.
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