Saturday, July 20, 2013


after staying a night in a super cool, uber modern hotel, we headed over to eureka springs to chill and soak up some relaxation. eureka is a quirky little spot nestled in the ozarks. known for it's bath houses, the old downtown has drawn tons of artists, free spirits, and well plenty of bikers too. we stayed at the palace hotel built in 1901. our room was huge! and complete with free mini bar. it also sports a questionably designed neon sign out front. but it was a lovely place with a friendly staff.
there is so much to see in eureka, so soon after check-in we left our cozy room and walked around. i was able to find a shop that sold only team emblazoned socks so i bought a patriots pair. we stopped in a magic shop and got the kiddo a couple of tricks (my poor fingers are killing me from falling to the 'last piece of gum' gag). then went to a sweet shop, because well, i love sweets. then we had a late snack lunch of cold smoked salmon with capers and onions. i sipped a delicious gin and tonic and people watched from the second story patio. kind of a perfect afternoon.
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