Thursday, August 29, 2013

the basics

there's pretty much nothing more basic than a white button-down with denim. well maybe a white tee, but you get the idea. it will never go out of style and it's a fool proof option when you just gotta put clothes on your body and get out the door. the brilliance of a basic is that you can change it on a whim with accessories. now it's pretty obvious from the pics what i paired my white shirt and cutoffs with, but it would have been equally as appropriate to wear strappy sandals, a metallic cross body bag, and colorful statement necklace. throw a blazer over it, maybe a leather jacket, wear it with boots. seriously, the options are endless! these are my favorite things to have in my closet; classic, basic items that make getting dressed easy and make accessorizing fun. and in full disclosure, i wear these shorts probably 3 times a week and these loafers about as often. they are workhorses in my wardrobe. i am nothing if not sartorially responsible.
thrift shop purchased white shirt originally from old navy
boys levi's cut off by yours truly
vintage choker and loafers
clutch and cuff bracelet given to me by my lovely sister
thrifted sunglasses available in my shop
clyde's rebirth june necklace
gage huntley wrist harness
IMG_7683 IMG_7669 IMG_7671 IMG_7668

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