Wednesday, August 28, 2013

life lately

august. she's a cruel mistress. while her days are the hottest of the year, there's always the threat of the cold months ahead. to me august is a time of transition, when i feel most reflective. and subsequently most vulnerable. i tend to go into self-preservation mode and take a step back from life so i can get a grip on myself. there's never one big thing that brings on this feeling, but a realization that life is passing me by at an incredible rate and i can't grab hold of it tight enoughit's like my soul has lost it's anchor. but not really because that can never truly happen. that's why i have the tattoo on my forearm, as a daily reminder that in the midst of struggles, i have a hope that sustains me. even as i see my son getting older and i am getting older and i feel like i'm looking winter square in the face....i know it's going to be okay. then when september comes along i mellow out. things fall back into place and i'm grounded once again. plus there's football.

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