Monday, August 12, 2013

#txsc13 is about getting motivated

IMG_1992 there was so much to learn at txsc this year. frankly, i was surprised, and very pleasantly so. the first session i attended was jessie's about creative marketing and organizing an event to grow your brand. she listed out several steps (all starting with a P because she's cute) that help her when she is working on a project. 
for the past couple years, i've wanted to put on a fashion show for my shop that would get people excited about buying vintage and prove that you don't have to look like you're in costume. in a small town like siloam, it's kind of daunting to think about planning and hosting an event like this. for one thing, would anybody even show up? because that would truly suck. but then, if people did come, would the time and effort be worth it? would i see a return on my investment? these are all the reasons why i have not done it yet. but after hearing jessie kind of lay out a plan of attack for such a big task, i feel motivated to try. i see a clear path to making this dream of mine a reality. 
first off, realizing i can't do this alone. i need to partner and collaborate with other downtown businesses. i need to gather a creative team together to brainstorm. i need to use social media and word of mouth and good old fashioned fliers to create buzz and promote my show. even typing it out right now gets me excited about this crazy venture! 
i'm not one to take a flying leap of faith and spontaneously stick my neck out just for my community to ridicule me. but it is strangely comforting to have a strategy, a system, a motivating hit list of things to light a fire under my proverbial arse. 
so now i've put it out on the internets that means i have to do it huh.

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