Monday, November 11, 2013

boy meets girl

overalls. they conjure up so many memories, right? childhood days of playing in the park on a chilly fall day, high school grunge phase with one strap hanging jauntily down because you're way too cool to properly wear clothes, and that one time you almost peed yourself because you decided to fasten both shoulder straps and proceeded to drink a ton of dr. pepper (which goes straight to your bladder) and we all know that fine motor skills are surprisingly lacking when in dire straits. and even though they can sometimes ride up in discreet places, overalls are super awesome. take these for example. black corduroy, pockets in the front, slight bell at the bottom, high waist, open back. it's kinda the perfect boy meets girl one piece suit. 
november is menswear and mustaches month at amandromeda. i'm calling it 'wovember' because i'm a girl and can't grow facial hair. instead i'm selling stuff with fake 'staches on them and wearing dude inspired clothes like overalls and plaid blazers. it's really fun.
well, it's fun as long as i monitor my liquids intake.
vintage overalls, blazer, clutch, and choker
thrifted shoes
IMG_7917 IMG_7916 IMG_7921 IMG_7912 IMG_7924 IMG_7925 IMG_7927 IMG_7930

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