Tuesday, November 26, 2013

justin timberlake, i love you

last week, i along with three of my gal pals hopped in the car and drove to memphis, tennessee to experience justin timberlake in 20/20. we left on sunday afternoon as the concert was on monday night and we wanted to have a full day to soak in all the JTness we could. beale street was blocked off and there were drink specials all over town. kinda a girls trip dream. so of course we indulged in midday martinis, which if you ask me is the height of luxuries for a monday. 
then came show time. and game time. as it turned out, my favorite team in all of the world was playing MNF at the precise moment JT was set to hit the stage. now, i was torn between my excitement to see justin in full on suit and tie and the need to cheer on my patriots. i drained my phone battery down to 1% game tracking the whole time. i'm crazy. and the they lost, so that was sad. 
HOWEVER. that concert was so amazingly rad it quickly turned my frown upside down and i got to dance and sing along to every single song. even from the straight up nosebleed i could feel justin bringing the sexy back. and it was so good.
now every time i hear one of his songs, i'm all 'yeah i know justin.' because i saw him from the top of the rafters in fedex forum i have a greater connection to him than anyone else. my attendance at that concert does make me a bigger fan than any of you. just saying.
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