Thursday, November 14, 2013


i can't call my shoes sneakers because i actually wear these while running. like the day before this i did 8 miles in them and then later this same day i took them on a 4 mile jog around town. these shoes aren't just for fashions' sake, i put them to work. except that they are basically the worst ever. seriously, i can't unrecommend these enough. i love the pink and green color scheme and how trendy i look while wearing them, but at what cost? knee and foot pain, that's the cost.
but minor injury aside, i do like how they went with my diy cropped man jeans. and the fact that since i am my own boss i can get away with wearing whatever the heck i want to work on a blistery cold day. comfort is key on those days, lest i will absolutely refuse to go outside and face the unkind winter.
but i have loved dressing in menswear inspired ways this month. i've discovered that jeans from the boys section are super great. the pockets are bigger and there's plenty of crotch and leg room. even the denim is softer. it's almost like wearing sweats but acceptable for outdoor use. these, unlike my stupid shoes, i highly recommend you try.
thrifted american eagle boy jeans
f21 jacket
vintage sweater and purse
june necklace by clyde's rebirth
stamped necklace by gage huntley
stupid mizuno wave riders that I WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN. MARK MY WORDS.
IMG_7937 IMG_7933 IMG_7943 IMG_7944 IMG_7946

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