Friday, November 8, 2013

old lady leopard

i think the most valuable thing i've learned from blogging over these several years is a greater sense of my own personal style. what works for me in my small town and not just what's on the runway or sidewalks of new york or paris. i've cultivated a certain aesthetic that makes me feel confident and even pretty. and most days, i walk out my house knowing that i'm rocking the bleep outta my outfit. but some days i can only manage to throw a rad old lady leopard coat over some holey clothes. and full disclosure, this was way awesomer while still just a reflection in the mirror. there was great potential, just maybe poor execution that only the steely eye of the camera can make you notice. still, i think this coat is the biz and if that's the best i can put forward on a cold november day, then it's alright by me.
and i'm celebrating menswear and mustaches in my store this month and my outfit does nothing to show for it. but i think my sweater may have been a dude's. not totally sure though. #wovember
vintage coat
thrifted and diy distressed sweater and jeans
h by hudson boots
IMG_7908 IMG_7901

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